The 4 Best FREE Online Economics Courses

Here are some of the best economics courses that I have found that are free to view.

MIT have developed a huge library of free courses from economics to history subjects. This is the best in my opinion since it provides the absolute full undergraduate course, including econometrics and other economics related maths subjects. Well worth it if you are a Uni student studying economics.

Alison provides more basic economics courses. Very good for beginners and not so intense as the MIT course, this will give a beginner-intermediate understanding once completed.

All the others are great, but you don’t necessarily need to know all the theory which isn’t pertinent to the understanding of everyday economics. The capital markets and finance section pretty much solves all of those questions that people have (what is an interest rate, for example). Also a very interesting section on buying a home vs renting (I am of the same opinion as the host :)).

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