6 Best Economics & Trading Podcasts

There are some really great finance & trading podcasts out there. Whether experienced or know nothing about economics/trading, I’m sure you can find some value in the following.

In no particular order…


Great podcast where the host, Aaron Fifield, interviews a different trader each week. Really good for insight and opinion on how professional traders do business.

One of my favourites from Think Or Swim founder Tom Sosnoff



Two Blokes Trading is run by Tom and Owen, two guys that I personally know who in June began a journey to learn to trade, with the end goal of becoming profitable. They record interviews and their progress each week. Very funny and good podcast to listen to as everyone can relate to their experiences.



If you ever studied Economics at any level, one of the more interesting books was Freakonomics. One of my favourite topics by these guys was ‘Why do drug dealers stil live with their moms?’ which explores the economics behind drug dealing in south side Chicago during the 90s. Now, Levitt & Dubner write articles on various topics (one I included in my recent Articles of the Week section on the truth behind the gender pay gap…




Exchanges at Goldman Sachs is a podcast in which people from across the firm share their insights on developments shaping markets, industries and the global economy. As long as you trade against their ‘Top Trades of 20xx’, this podcast is well worth listening to.



Tastytrade is run by Tom Sosnoff and is a live online TV channel by real traders (unlike CNBC and Bloomberg). They take trades live on the channel. However, they also offer podcasts via Apple and RSS feeds.



Planet Money by NPR is the most comprehensive on the list. Really gives great up to date insight on the global economy, and has highly interesting topics that don’t become TOO technical.




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