Articles of the Week – 11/11/2016

CAT Bonds, Michael Lewis, 2007 – Written by Micahel Lewis in 2007, this shows how the financial markets have disrupted the insurance industry by introducing financial assets called CAT bonds (catastrophe bonds) into portfolios of investors. It also demonstrates how looking for outliers provides huge profitability. Really good article, especially in the wake of the Italian earthquakes.



‘For the first time ever, the rich in India beg the poor to help them’ – Modi the PM of India is currently cracking down on Black Money – money that is undeclared by rich Indians. Now, the rich employers are turning to their poor employees for help.



50% of Millenials have less than $1000 in savings. Most are mired by student debt – This goes hand in hand with what I spoke about on TipTV a few months ago:


Low income earners can’t take advantage of economies of scale –  This article shows how low income earners cannot buy in bulk, and therefore have higher marginal costs resulting in greater average costs.



Tinfoil hat time – the last time the Euro Dropped for 9 straight days was 4 days before the Lehman crisis – Citibank



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